Zorah Xaunah

I am a local glass artist and lover of the natural world.  In my art, I explore a blending of nature and the human experience.  I am inspired by the scenic environments I have lived in and experienced, and the beauty of the human body and the differences we all have.  You will find a love of detail seen in the colors, textures, shapes, clarity and transition points. Each piece is hand sculpted and care is taken in each step to ensure high quality.

Working with glass is a meditative and humbling experience as the glass seems to have a desire to help in the process of creation.  It flows like honey under the heat of the torch and adds its own personality. The glass starts out as long clear and colored rods, tubing, and crushed powder.  Using a hot torch to slowly heat up and melt the glass gives way to gravity and various tools for pushing, pulling and poking. The finished piece is then put in a kiln to develop the colors and strengthen the integrity of the glass by forming an even crystalline structure throughout the piece.




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