Pam Drumheller

My mother and I would knit together when I was young. It was a peaceful way end of our day. As I grew up, found a job, and had a family I found less and less time to knit.

I picked up knitting again as a way to relieve stress from my work. I started to sell scarves at local events. It was at one such event, I saw a booth selling felted hats. Everyone was crowded around looking, I knew I had to start making hats.

Making felted hats gives me tremendous satisfaction. It is a bit like Christmas when I open the washer to see how the hats felted. You only have an idea how the yarn will felt. Each time I open the washer it is always a surprise.

​I work primarily with sheep's wool. The fabric it creates has a soft but strong texture. I enjoy knitting with  different types of  wool yarn, sometimes I use acrylic to add a contrasting texture.


Each hat I make is unique because, the fibers of the wool form a wonderfully blended fabric that incorporates any flaw into the felt.