Mary Gardiner & Gary McCall

Mary Gardiner

Idaho landscapes, culture and nature provide inspiration for my art. After 43 years as a teacher and professor I have immersed myself in watercolor painting, lessons, and numerous gallery visits in this state and abroad. Experiences from my native Australia and home in the USA can be seen in my paintings which I draw first in freehand lead pencil then paint in vibrant watercolor. For me, art means connection and healing.  


Gary McCall


Like reading a great book, art centers me in my space. Family and the city we live in, Boise, Idaho, influences my work. Born in Pocatello, Idaho, and working as a businessman for over forty years in Boise (McCall industrial) has given me a unique view of all that quintessentially Idaho. I love to preserve history by painting the original buildings and daily life in the treasure valley and beyond. Thanks to everyone who supports the arts, from coffee shops to individuals, museums, collectives, schools, universities and the city of Boise.


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