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Becoming a member of Artzone 208!


Thank you for expressing interest in joining our gallery.  We have been in Boise since 2014 and offer everything from fine art in a wide range of mediums and gift items.  We are a juried gallery, which means that we have a group that decides whether or not your art is currently what we are looking for.  We try to keep a balance of mediums and a variety of original, local art. 


To apply to become a member, you must bring 3 - 5 pieces of the art you wish to sell to the gallery for jury.  You must leave it at the gallery for no longer than a week.  Your artwork must be clearly labeled with prices (consider that we do take a 20% commission on sold pieces).  Also, leave your contact information and an artist biography if you have one.


The rent varies from $45 - $75, depending on what type of space you require.  The wall space is $75, for 5 linear feet, a 5' X 2' space is $65, and a 2' X 2' space is $45.  There is a mandatory 6-month commitment.  Artists are required to work 2 shifts of 3 hours, or one full day.  They may also choose to pay a non-working fee of $20 per shift or $40 per month. 


If you have questions, contact Deb