Jeanne Rose

While attending the Art Institute of Seattle in the late 90’s, I found designing three dimensional art pieces interested me more than one dimensional designs. It was there when I tried my hand at sculpturing clays, metals and found objects. 


Moving to Eagle Idaho, provided me access to my own art studio where I can create at any moment. I am surrounded daily by vibrant glass and glass powders, various metals, clays and a variety of found objects. Having my tools and kilns in one place makes creating so much more spontaneous and productive.


Designing with a torch and glass powders is a lot of fun! I appreciate the individual and unique outcomes of each piece as the flame and powders create a beautiful glass surface for jewelry, home decor and garden art.


Overall, I love that I can offer affordable jewelry, colorful glass art, and on the side I enjoy repurposing furniture or found objects. I am proud to say that my artwork is Idaho made! 


Thank you for supporting the very thing that keeps my life sunny side up! 


Jeanne Rose



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