Dave Gribskov


Woodturning: Finding one of the infinite possible forms within a piece of wood.

 My interest in woodturning began in my 60s shop classes. After college and a tour in the US Army, I purchased a Shopsmith and pursued self-taught bowl making.

In 2004 thru 2007 I attended week long woodturning classes in Provo, Utah which were taught by professional wood turners from the USA, England and Australia. These classes were instrumental in developing tool sharpening and use skills as well as design concepts.

In 2006, I began selling my woodturning products as “Circular Creations” in Boise at Christmas shows and at the Eagle Saturday Market. Upon my retirement from my “day job” in 2010 wood turning became my new vocation.

Today, I would describe my turnings as functional art.  Most of the turning are multicolored using wood without using stains or dyes. The walnut oil finish makes them food safe.  To maintain them just hand wash and dry. Over time they may need an oiling to bring back their luster. Any food safe oil such as mineral oil will do the job.