Brian Schreiner

Since his childhood, Brian Schreiner has felt the pull of art. His earliest influences come from in the UK where he spent the first 10 years of his life. He lived in the hilltop town of Stow-on-the-Wold, rich with history, cobblestone streets,  and early roman architecture. 

Brian and his family moved Mountain Home, Idaho in 1965, when he was ten years old.  He grew up in the wide open spaces of the west and continued to draw and paint as much as he could.  He knew he had to be a professional artist.  Brian continued his arts education receiving a Bachelor of Fines Arts and and Education Degree.

Spending ten years in Los Angeles, California Brian pursued his creative endeavors. He designed toys, did interior design, designed and painted murals, and was a commercial artist. After his time in Los Angeles  he began exhibiting formally.

Brian believes that art is like Alchemy. It is possible to create art by combining thoughts, living experiences, and art materials. Some of his paintings are born of a goal and research to tell a story, others inspire lively discussions, and some simple capture a scene where the viewer finds their our meaning.  Brian's work is fusion between realism and abstractism-- realistic abstracts.

Brian is a wandering storyteller creating symbolic imagery inspired by the American West.