Brenda Walther

Color Heals ~ Abstract Nurtures


Experiencing peace and tranquility, by connecting with your soul, is increasingly important for creating a defense to the bombarding messages that distract and trouble us in the INTERNET AGE.

Through the use of the entire spectrum, I create these Intense-Color, Free-Form Abstract, Heavy-Textured Blocks that are PACKED with energy to heal and nurture the Mind and Soul.

To begin, I take stretched canvas blocks and throw on texture like LIFE comes about to us! Next, I apply thick, rich, black lines creating random patterns to echo the randomness of life.

For color, I paint on SEVEN Layers of acrylic intense energy-rich doses of pigment! The finishing touch of texture are patches of iridescent, variegated gilding foil and a splash of mica flakes to create an earthy, mineral-rich polish to the work.

Finally, to “Turn UP the volume,” I apply thick layers of BRILLIANT, premium MSA TopCoat varnish to enhance and preserve the LAVISH color, and emphasize the DEEP texture of each outrageously beautiful piece. The finished product is unique, eye-catching, and intensely personal.

I find that viewers are drawn to my artworks to experience the energy my paintings create. While the mind basks in the lovely color energy, the imagination gets to flow freely in the nurturing properties of the abstract itself!     ~~The Canvas Colorist




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