I am an Idaho Native working in Metal Sculpture, Mixed Metals and Mixed Media. I began my career as an Educator,

but left that world 30 years ago to be an artist.  

Fortunately for me and my kids, this leap worked, as I've put them both through college.  I began as a writer in several national journals, and found that working as an illustrator in pen and ink paid much more than writing, so pursued that to pay my bills.  

Finding that my pen and ink was too limiting, I decided to move far larger into steel and copper, and bought a torch and checked out a library book on welding. Several large public art projects later, many outdoor shows and 13 galleries later, I am proof that over 30 years, an artist can maintain and thrive on a career in making art.  (don't get  much sleep though).  


​Zella Bardsley