A few years ago I decided to start growing gourds. Not really to paint them, I just thought they were neat. It wasn’t long before the growing season was over and naturally, I found myself with a bunch of gourds. So I did what I love to do; I painted them, decorated them and had a lot of fun doing it. Coming from an artistic background, painting the gourds was really the only logical thing to do.

I grew up in a family full of talent and later went to college for art. After graduating I worked in different areas, including painting detailed motifs on furniture and walls. My art has taken me many places, and I’m grateful to be able to use it as I do. Gourds for me aren’t merely a plant, but just another type of canvas waiting to be filled. The endless variety of shapes and sizes always provide a challenge and are always interesting.

Tonna Jones

Gourd Artist