​Wildest Imagination Designs is an Idaho based mother-daughter fusion that began 18 years ago.  We work primarily in sterling silver and gemstones, but our interests extend into copper, metal clay, and mixed metal designs.  Our inspiration comes from all that is beautiful surrounding us, from the earthy and rugged to the delicate and precious.  This is reflected in our work, ranging from tiny silver and gemstone or pearl necklaces, earrings, and rings to large natural stone and silver pieces. We love working with regional gemstones.

     Our affinity for “shiny objects” continues to grow, as does our enjoyment of each other’s creative ideas.  We love spending countless hours in our workshop, taking turns with the Acetylene torch and forming tools.

     Initially this artwork was made as a form of entertainment for a seven year old girl. However after several years of laughter and learning at the bead table and countless trips to the bead store, we found that our shared passion for “shiny objects” could be taken beyond beads. This has led us to more challenging designs utilizing metalsmithing techniques. We began selling our work in 2010 as a way to get that now 25 year old little girl through nursing school. Meeting other artists, enthusiasts, and buyers has been an enjoyable growing experience.




Terry Krasen