​Intentional creativity, creating with a purpose, creating from my heart, a devotional act of love and healing.  I create in many mediums...When I paint I use acrylics layered over a written intention on canvas or birch wood.  When I create with polymer clay I love the feel of the clay in my hands...forming the clay to grow and evolve into a beautiful Goddess, angel, fairy, shaman or guide using my intuition and  the intention of love and healing... When I create with metal clays, I shape and mold each piece in my hands with the intention of love and healing.

    My artwork is a reflection of the Divine Feminine.  I create with a purpose....calling on the Universe and the creative forces within myself to let me know the purpose of each creative idea and find the energy it would like to hold.  Then I lets go and allow the creation, no matter the medium, to form with ease and flow.  Each art piece is intended to hold a special meaning, love, energy.  

     The name of my art business is Holding Sacred Space Space...To me this means co-creating with a purpose, but staying neutral to the outcome...Knowing that it will be held so.

     I use art to heal, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.


​Paige Daniel