I loved drawing as a child and always intended to be an artist. When it came time to attend college at the University of Kansas, pragmatism and the need for money drove me to major in advertising and marketing, which lead to 38 years in the business world. But art had entered my DNA and so between work and family, I continued to study art and occasionally paint. In 2007, my business career ended and painting became a primary focus in my life.

I have had the opportunity to visit many of the world’s great art museums and study many master painters. I have also visited art galleries in many cities including New York, Santa Fe, Scottsdale, Sedona, Cody, Denver, Aspen and Sun Valley to learn from fellow contemporary artists. The Internet provides another opportunity to help me continue to learn about painting. But the best teacher is just doing. 

My landscape painting style is evolving from representational to a more expressive impressionistic, borderline abstract approach. My paintings are greatly influenced by my life-long love of the outdoors. Setting on a tractor from sunup to sundown while growing up on the prairie of western Kansas, I became fascinated with watching the weather and light change throughout the day. Now I have that same fascination of these elements as I hike and ski throughout the west. This is why my paintings take on "a backpacker’s perspective." I paint from memory and let my feelings and imagination jump in at will. You may find me drawing up memories of a lake in the Sawtooths along with a red cliff in Monument Valley in the same painting.

My paintings are done predominately in oil or acrylic. I use many techniques often in the same painting. In addition to brush strokes, I often use rags, knives, sponges, fingers and other tools to put paint on and take it off. I mix colors, use pure colors and love what washes can do for a painting. Each painting is an adventure.

Over the past seven years I have sold about 30 paintings, which are primarily displayed in homes and businesses in Idaho. In addition, I have donated several paintings to charities to raise money during fundraising auctions. You will also find my paintings in homes in Colorado, Kentucky, Illinois and Germany. I have had two showings in the library located in Garden City, Idaho, and exhibited at local art shows. My dedicated art studio is located at my house in Star, Idaho.

               Michael Jay Moser

       11919 Pinewood River Lane
              Star, Idaho 83669


   Mike Moser

Landscape painter