​​Joni Frey’s art plays with color and shapes, whether it be in landscapes, birds, still-lives or abstract forms.

She wants to share her view of our beautiful and ever variable world. Everyday things fascinate her, from the colors in the fruits and vegetables in the kitchen, the birds singing out her window, or the contours of the foothills and mountains she loves to hike in.

She finds abstract compositions in the most mundane things, rocks, water, plants, shadows, reflections.

Watercolor is the media she works with, whether it be traditional or on a plastic paper called yupo. With the yupo paper, the pigment dries on the surface instead of sinking in, keeping colors intensely bright. They can also be easily lifted up off the paper, or moved around on the surface, reminiscent of childhood finger painting, transforming painting
into play.

Regardless of how troubled our world is, we can find beauty, variety and life thriving in our surroundings.

Joni Frey