Jeannie Bangham-Nail


     My name is Jeannie Bangham Nail; however, I paint under “Oils by Bangham”. 

     Originally from Pocatello, I spent most of my life in the San Francisco Bay area of California working and raising a family.  I have loved drawing since childhood, vividly recalling illustrating Cinderella, Snow White, cartoon characters, etc. for friends in elementary school through high school. My mother would draw paper dolls for me and I would draw fashion outfits.  I went to about 25 schools before graduating high school in Riverside, Calif. 

     While attending 9th grade in Blackfoot, two teachers, Les and Art Lambson, had a great influence on my future.  Art Lambson was a music teacher (yes, I also love to sing and did so professionally in my early years) and his brother, Les (eventually a world renowned artist), was my art teacher. Les developed my interest in oil painting by introducing techniques for landscapes, animals, oceans, and flowers.  I have been fortunate enough to have had some other wonderful instructors, in California and Idaho. 

     I raised Appaloosa Performance Horses in Milpitas, California for 30 years when I was told to retire for health reasons. So, I sold Indian Hill Ranch and came back to Idaho to retire.  But, it took me 12 years to get around to retiring as I was hosting weddings and outdoor events at River Rock Ranch in Star.  Throughout my life I have tried to continue with both my singing and my painting, so now that I have retired I am able to concentrate on them both.

     My art reveals a variety of subjects that reflect my passion for the outdoors. I also love to try new techniques that are challenging, yet fun.