​Jack’s photographs were all shot on Fuji slide film with a 35mm Canon F-1  utilizing available light to capture the natural color and beauty of his subjects. No filters or additional lighting are used during the image taking and no digital manipulations are used in the printing process. After the film is processed and scanned, Jack then personally prints all of the 5x7 thru 11x14 images and mats and frames each photograph using acid-free mat board. All 16x20 prints and canvasses are professionally printed under Jack’s direct supervision.

      In the Summer of 2014, Jack went over to the “Dark Side” when he purchased a micro 4/3 Panasonic Lumix GX7 digital camera. He considered it something akin to cutting off his right hand but in hindsight it has opened up a whole new world of photographic opportunities for him. Jack has been doing a great deal of experimentation with nighttime exposures and light painting. Now, a day in the field taking images starts before sunrise and often does not end until midnight or later.

      His interest in photography began in Junior High School with his first camera and a love of taking pictures of family, friends, animals, and anyone who would stay still long enough to show up on film. After graduating from California State University at Long Beach in 1968 with a Bachelor’s in Fine Art, Jack continued to take photos as a hobby. In 1995, his day job involved extensive travel, thus allowing him to experience the magnificent vistas and solitary beauty of the western U.S. and he then became much more serious about the quality of his results and photography moved from a part time hobby to become his passion in life.

      The motivation for showing and selling his photographs is twofold. Jack has a strong desire to encourage others to experience some of the breath taking locations that he has had the good fortune to see, as well as to help promote their preservation and conservation. His photographs represent thousands of miles of automobile travel, hiking and paddling, and he would be more than happy to help make it possible for you to also see and photograph these locations.

Jack Folker